Looking for spring


All that I'm wearing is thrifted, except for the bag, I just found this fur, I dont know if its actually called fur since its from a sheap, but anyway I've made it myself... Just but the sheap fur on my h&m bag. Simple as dat :) And don't forget to hype my look on lookbook :)

Lady Gaga aka Queen - G.U.Y and Venus


Gaga is Queen. OK. To be honest I didn't really any of the Artpop song except Applause. But after watching this film, I started liking both G.U.Y and Venus. I read that the film was made in Greece, not surprisingly. I totally loved the whole landscape and that place, just beautiful. And lets not forget about how beautiful Gaga looked in this film, omg, she is just a queen!!!

3.1 phillip lim + the perfect white pant


Spring 2014 must has to be some off white cigarette pants.  I got inspired by the 3.1 phillip lim holiday collection. The collection was just flawless, and so far my favorite holiday collection. I just adore the shapes and the details. So simple yet so special .

Check out the whole 3.1 phillip lim holiday colletion here

I have some extra twill fabric, that I was wondering what I was going to make out of, and now I freakin know!



Daria Werbowy. Photographed by Terry Richardson. Vogue Paris May 2007.

Has some sort of new year wibe to me, probably because of the um.. glamour. Anyway, a new year starts the day after tomorrow, I feel like 2013 was OK, and it was kinda of expected that it was gonna be the way it was to me. Regardless, 2014 is going to be the best! It just has to be! :) I'm exited! Lets celebrate! Listen to Happy new year by ABBA.

And just hope 2014 will be the best shit ever!!!!!!! May all your wishes come true.

still love plaid


Don't you die on me plaid trend! I haven't even made anything yet.

I swear to these Jil Sander ankle boots

How flawless are these Jil Sander boots!!! I am praying I might find them in Paris next year. Usually I'm not very keen of boots but these are so perfect!


Alexander MqQueen and I


 I came across this documentary about Alexander McQueen, as I was watching something about haute couture on youtube. This man is truly a huge inspiration for me. He's a legand! No dout about that.

His whole story is so bittersweet, I feel. He did freakin 10 collections a year!!! That's insane how he managed to do that. In the this documentary his friend and family says that he was so sensitive about his work. He found inspiration in birds, how they where free and had no worries. In his childhood house the birds was flying outside his room. Where his passion was sitting there and drawing clothes inspired by these fascinating creatures.

Isabella reminds me of Lady Gaga (by the looks and whack clothes), living for fashion. She was the one who found Alexander, the one who believed in him. She wanted him to become successful and to have everything he wanted.

IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS VIDEO YET YOU SHOULD!!!!!!! (sorry for the caps look I'm just so enthusiastic after watching it) 

Pink sky


The sky was so beautiful this morning I had to take some pictures, Iphone quality sorry. We have snow here in Northen Norway, do you? :)



Oh, how I love these quirky shoes. Maybe I'll buy them for a christmas gift for myself. Cuz they are really perf! Lol


11 11


Self made hand bag.

Mary Kate and Ashley in Korean Vouge


Stella McCartney Spring 2014 RTW


Minimalistic, so chic and ladylike. Stella Mccarney, I love it. Amazing collection, love how she uses the fabrics organza, lace and silk, so classy and just beatiful. 

what do you think of this collection? 

simple lines and white simple


Lanvin ss 2013 dress


So I came across this necklace on Net-a-porter, but not only did I fall in love with the necklace I just adore that dress. Perfect.

I've noticed Lanvin has changed a lot of his design esthetics, hes gone more to the modern side. I like it :)

creating the Zara wrap skirt PART 2


... is done. I guess. This so called fabric isn't really wearable, but I like to experiment with different materials and do something outside the box. Yes, well anyway.

The skirt doesn't really look exactly like the Zara one, but I'm pretty happy with the result :) And I'm gonna post my outfit soon so stay turned!!

creating a asymetrical wrap skirt PART 1


OBS: I'm am no professional sewer/designer

This wrap around skirt is definitely my summer must have garment. I've seen it a lot in lately in different kind of styles but I think this white simple silhouette was really nice.

The first thing I did was to make a small version of the pattern out of news paper, just to test it out since I didn't have any pattern for this skirt. Then I used the number and I divided the number by 2 and added the number i got. Then after "making" the pattern I cut out the skirt and then I have not come any further.
stay turned to see the final result :)

inspo #2704


I'm an Iphone person now

Beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley